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Our company G.M.T.S. S.A. is active in the field of ship spare parts manufacturing and trading, also is involved in the field of machining and repair of a big range of spare parts and furthermore has very long experience in ship repairs in Greece and abroad.

Founded in 2013 but with many years of experience in the industry since 1980. We the new generation are looking forward to maintain all this legacy of experience, to evolve it and to continue the tradition of good cooperation and professionalism.

Tel :

(0030) 210 4633914
(0030) 210 4633916

Fax :

(0030) 210 4636070

Our Specialization

The company is active in the following areas:


Engineering works

Inspection and repair of various mechanisms, manufacture of worn parts, repair of hydraulic motors, manufacture of PV Valves, manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders, manufacture of various types of rollers and pulleys, gear construction, impeller construction and pump shells (TEIKOKY–SHINKO–TAIKO KIKAI ), eductor with nozzle , manufacture of specialised couplings and many other parts and spare parts based on sample designs or construction, technical support, repair and maintenance of mechanical equipment etc.


Work on ships

Inspections and general repairs of:

  1. Main engines.
  2. Couple diesel engines.
  3. Air compressors of all grades.
  4. Pumps of all types.
  5. Valves of all types.
  6. Hydraulic systems (cylinders, brakes, etc.) in the various deck mechanisms
  7. Engine, pump and deck inspections

Our Team

Nikolaos Kouvoutsakis

Technical department

Katerina Kouvoutsaki

Accounting department

George Kouvoutsakis

Technical consultant